The Point Of Pointlessness - CD Bundle


The Point Of Pointlessness - CD + Hi Res Digital Download + Poster + Bonus Track. CD in wallet style packaging with 8 page lyrics insert. Hi Res Digital Download: 96k/24bit WAV's Ryan Webster - Buffalo Poster Bonus Track: 'Only You' duet with Julia Sinclair 1 Losing All The Time 2 Sunrise 3 Give Me Time 4 All Who Wander 5 Changes 6 Somewhere Down The Road 7 I Want It All 8 Baby Come Back 9 How Long Till I Die 10 Run Back Home To Me Written and performed by Ryan Webster. Produced and recorded by Bobby Hartry. Mixed by Ben West and Bryan Cook. Mastered at Lurssen Mastering by Gavin Lurssen. All songs ©2013 CatBeach Music

This offer contains:

-Ryan Webster - Buffalo Poster
-The Point Of Pointlessness CD
-Only You
-Losing All The Time
-Give Me Time
-All Who Wander
-Somewhere Down The Road
-I Want It All
-How Long Till I Die
-Baby Come Back
-Run Back Home To Me

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Source Audio

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